Director: Petra Seliškar

Co-director: Ira Prica

Production: Brand Ferro & Petra Seliškar

for Petra Pan Film Production


Dream Factory Macedonia: Panta Mizimakov

Kaos Studio: Christina Hoscka

Movimiento Nacional de Video: Elvira Rodríguez Puerto

Screenplay: Brand Ferro,Petra Seliškar

Photography: Brand Ferro

Editing: Filip Grcevski

Sound: Vladimir Rakic

Music: Nikola Kodabasija

Narration: Rogier Dijkman; Petra Seliškar

Narrator: Rogier Dijkman; Petra Seliškar

Involved TV Channel: RTV

World Sales: Journeyman Pictures

Screening copy: Petra Pan Film Production

Slovenian director Petra Seliškar investigates the role of ideology in her personal family history by means of interviews with her paternal grandfather, her Macedonian boyfriend Brand's maternal grandmother and his Cuban grandmother on his father's side. Illustrated by archival footage and home movies, her voice-over describes her family's personal story, Yugoslavia under Tito, and the recent war, accompanied by some particularly shocking footage. The nature shots and the alternation of classical, popular and revolutionary music occasionally lend the stories a light-hearted tone. After WWII, her grandfather was imprisoned for 12 years in the Slovenian prison camp Kocevje for his nationalist fight against the partisans. In spite of it all, he is not resentful. Brand's mother Ilinka tells about his uncle, also called Brand, who was shot by the police during a demonstration against the regime. At his funeral, his mother (Brand's grandmother) held a nationalist speech; since then, the day of his death has been a national holiday in Macedonia. Nowadays, this grandmother still supports the necessity of dictatorship and fear in order to rebuild a country. Her views parallel those of Brand's other grandmother, who lives in Cuba and defends the one-party system there.

The documentary The Grandmothers of the Revolution was selected for the 19th edition of the International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam, 2006, among 2000 documentaries and it was eligible for the Joris Ivens Award and the IDFA Audience Award.


Director: Petra Seliškar is a young Slovenian filmmaker.

Her documentary "The Grandmothers of Revolution" has been screened at a variety of film festivals and was the recipient of several awards, including:

IDFA - Amsterdam 2006 (In Joris Ivens competition)

Trieste Film Festival 2007 - Italy


Documentary Film Festival Ljubljana 2007 - Slovenia

Asterfest 2007 – Macedonia - GRAN-PRIX

Sarajevo Film Festival 2007 – Bosnia and Hercegovina (August 2007)

DokuFest – Prizren, Kosova (August 2007)