Libro, Editorial LAGREV, Cuento, Español,

2005, € 10.50 plus shipping costs

About this book, read the comment in Spanish by:

Amir Valle sobre Elvira Rodriguez Puerto.pdf

Un E-Mail de Karla Suarez.pdf

Sergio Ugalde sobre Estrategias de una mujer madura.pdf

CUBA PERFORMANCES Documentary film, 60‘, 2006,

Subt. Español, English, Deutsch, € 15.00 plus shipping costs

with Omni Zona Franca and Rafael Alvarez Domenech

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Maria del Carmen Ares Marrero

"Cuba Performances me recuerda al mundo " (in Spanish)

Yoani Sánchez "Cuba Performances" Documentary

captures on film artists who put aside fear (In English)

1010 Pergamentbräute | 1010 Novias en Pergamino | 1010 Parchment Brides  

© 2011, by Elvira Rodriguez Puerto

Self-published. Aumüller Druckerei, Regensburg

Very fine catalogue, 200 pages, Gilt–edged

Español – English

Presented at the Frankfurter Buchmesse 2011

€ 35.00 plus shipping costs (Versandkosten)

About this book, read the comments by:

Ralf Tschirne, from Aumüller Druckerei

NIcole Lipowsky, Model


Dear Elvira, my daughter Svenja and I were impressed with the great photos and the "precious" catalogue. It is always a pleasure and a surprise to look through the book and admire the diversity of the "wedding dresses" and models. We always discover something new and enjoy every details. Your, Claudia

Dear Elvi, I am totally glad to have taken part of this wonderful project. I was excited to see all your creations and I think it's just wonderful to see them in the catalog again and again and be inspired by it! The friend who was there with me is a professional tailor and said admiringly: "so many Ideas could I never have ...."

My dear, I think it's a terrific poetic work! (Eva Eder, Model 1010)...

Hi Elvira, well done and congratulations. I cannot believe how you managed to achieve to design 1010 creations in paper which looked absolutely fabulous. Kisses, Diana x (Model)

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